We start with a one-on-one visit with our clients and from there we do it all - no upfront fees or costs and we are paid entirely on commission.

  • Estate Item Appraisals
  • Estate Sales/Buy-outs
  • Consignment of high value items will be through E-Bay per owner agreement (Power Seller on E-Bay)
  • Charity Donations
  • Trash Disposal

Treasure Hunters will provide the following:

  • Service Agreement Contract
  • Research and appraise all estate items
  • Take high quality photographs
  • Display items professionally
  • Display professional signage to all sales
  • Promote sale on-line by e-mails, Craig's List,, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Provide documentation of sales and payments
  • Manage house clean-out after estate sale is completed 
  • Also provide house cleaning services after house is emptied - price will be determined based on size and condition of home.

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